Toër is an atelier based in Amsterdam, initiated by Tomas Ermin. Having a background in fine arts with a focus on digital simulation, Toër began as a project to emphasise tactility. By embodying child like fantasy and wonder: the atelier explores the concept of familiarity.
Viewing design as a practice to compass intimacy, and as a catalyst in engaging with the surroundings. Toër treasures crafts, handwork and flirtiness; incorporating them as graphical elements in design.

The atelier was launched in the summer of 2020 with the Toy Bag, by reiterating an archetypical idea of a bag. The Toy Bag playfully hints at a tote bag -hypothetically- imagined in child like drawings and cartoons, with inflated and distorted proportions yet still persuading comfort. The Toy Bag became to be a canvas for following fantasies under Toër.

All items are sewn by hand, using locally sourced materials, new or repurposed and produced in small quantities. Resulting in a low waste working environment.

A special thank you to:
Nuno Beijinho, Beau Bertens, Martina Turini, Julius Kühn

Website by Julius Kühn
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