Splicing rope ends together (2023)

A project about the flag as a symbol in the context of the queer community, installed at Volkshotel, Amsterdam. In collaboration with Anouk Hoogendoorn. The work consists of a rendition of the progressive queer pride flag hanging on the facade of the building as well an installation in the hotel lobby. On view from July 2023 till July 2024.

Exhibition text:
The flag is the result of conversations between Tomas Ermin (Toër) and Anouk Hoogendoorn about the concept of a flag, its history as an identifier and nationalistic symbol, as well as its meaning and use in the queer community.

The wind that catches the flag became an important starting point for the design. The movement and playfulness of the work hopes to question the stiffness and position of a flag as a symbol of claim. Think of claiming a country, the moon, or an identity.

The work in the lobby (Splicing rope ends together) is a follow-up work that came about during the design and construction of the progressive queer flag. Within both works, the text embroidered/written by Anouk is a connecting element that is seeking form and stability, while undermining its own certainty. The flirty dark blue puffy buttons from Tomas’ practice play with the idea of grabbing and sticking. In addition, it is also an embodiment of fantasy and wonder.

Anouk Hoogendoorn works as an artist, based in Amsterdam NL.

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